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White Nest creates one-of-a-kind home accessories using the finest materials and modern designs. Each piece is created from the hands of Meg Stevens, a trained interior designer turned turned full time artist.

One by One Hand screen printed clothing and accessories made with love

Laurie of Kiku Handmade specializes in silkscreened, fused glass goods including housewares, jewelry, and belt buckles.  Need a wedding present?  She’s got it.  Housewarming gift?  Check.  A buckle for yourself?  Done and done.  Modern fused glass for everyone, yay!

Wearable ephemera: jewelry made from tokens from the distant and not so distant past, with a focus on Chicago and America.

Handmade plush toys, mostly food and mostly with faces.

Upcycled tee shirt skirts, hand-dyed sassy tees, “word-drop” rings.  A home-based, Madison WI business since 2005, you can find Mojowear on the bodies of those who have a sense of humor and attitude.

Rar Rar uses handset wood and metal type with an antique press to make postcards, posters, notebooks and more, drawing equal inspiration from pop culture and irony as from the craft and history of hand-lettered prints.

Handmade Plush Dolls & Things / Romantic, Vintage Inspired Jewelry .

Functional Pottery
I make functional pots that embrace utilitarian forms. Alternating between porcelain for its translucency and stoneware for its durability—I layer many glazes onto the piece for a rich surface.  Please contact me at

Reuse First is a husband and wife team dedicated to rescuing discarded items that have the potential to become something useful. All our products are made primarily from reused materials. We collect paper from various Chicagoland print shop scrap bins as well as from donors. Our glass is collected from Chicago area bars that do not recycle or choose to donate to us. Our goal is to encourage folks to think creatively and resourcefully and of course, to reuse first.

Fun & modern greeting cards and art prints, all on 100% recycled paper. Our greeting cards have a flip-side surprise: Designs wrap around from front to back for twice the color and fun.

Berwyn Betty specializes in unique bath products. We strive for ways to incorporate fun into each of our products – whether it be hidden gems in our bath bombs, fresh scents in our sugar scrubs, or slick packaging of our unique soaps.  Our use of color, texture and packaging set our bath line apart.  We want all of your baths to be memorable.

“Old Scratch has been burning his way into the eyes of the public for two years. Creating unique pyrography art for the monstrous in all of us, his motifs serve as carriers of his largely self-taught experiments in technique.  He also creates works on paper, and designs greeting cards that step outside the norm. Way outside the norm.”

REcreative Crafts works hard to give new life to discarded items including clothing, housewares, and any other thing I can get my hands on.  T shirts become skirts, with a fresh coat of hand screen printed designs.  Plain old napkins become cute bicycle printed napkins.  Plain old shirts get a whole new life with a screen printed design on them.  Recreative crafts works hard to make affordable, fun, environmentally friendly things for your life!

Laura is an artist and illustrator based in Chicago. She makes light-hearted, life-affirming prints, notecards, paintings, and little housewares & accessories featuring friendly characters, modern color palettes & smatterings of pattern.

Melissa Z Monroe is a ceramic artist making functional stoneware pottery.  Melissa has found inspiration for her work in natural forms found in her garden. Vintage cut glass designs, birds and cast buttons are used to decorate her pieces. Melissa also makes one of a kind ceramic art to decorate your walls.

Shandy Sparks is the home of the Smonsters: bad-dream-bashing spotted superheroes of the plush variety. These disarmingly cute and cuddly little weirdos love ridding closets, corners, and curtains of whatever goes bump in the night. As if that weren’t enough, Shandy Sparks also offers super-sweet wool felt accessories, fleece hats, and other pretty freakin’ cute and original handmade stuff.

Berwyn constructor Jessy Laubis makes: plush characters, pillows (some lavender filled or hand painted), art miniatures, wearable accessories and  felt ornaments (which are great for framing) all from repurposed items.
Reducing waste and reusing things that are typically exhausted are the main ingredient in her creations. Old game pieces, boxes, sweaters, clothing, buttons and fabric are full of endless possibilities. Each item is entirely one of a kind and completely hand made.

Born out of a love for unique vintage finds, Kristine Fachet created Sur Le Feu to capture that same feeling in a form that’s practical for today’s needs.  Each item is handmade, incorporating vintage fabrics, buttons, and trims.  All pieces are one of a kind – never repeated.  Please come check out this alternative to mass-produced fashion!

Hand crafted modern goods to accessorize your home or yourself.  Canvas aprons and bags, felted wool jewelry and pillows, screen printed tees, soft toys, and many other fabulous creations stitched, printed and constructed.  Made with vintage, new and repurposed materials, each form*work item is a one-of-a-kind object of crafty coolness.

Description: Every Megan Lee Design begins with a pencil drawing, which she then scans, prints and burns to a screen, and finally prints one-by-one on her table-top press. Her cute and quirky designs can be found on t-shirts, tunic dresses, totes and greeting cards and are inspired by her love of animals, nature and the midwest.

Fueled by soda and magic, artist Mr. Walters is responsible for the large menagerie of eccentric characters that inhabit the Nerfectverse. Come browse through a collection of original artwork and prints, as well as buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and so on.

Re-Girl Apparel and Accessories located in Chicago Illinois, was founded by artist Kelly D. Pelka who partnered with fashion designer Graciela Llorente in 2010.   Our concept is street art inspired fashion using secondhand clothing as well as one of a kind artist designed fabrics to create leg-warmers, arm-warmers, cuffs, belts, skirts, dresses and more!  Bright and bold colors juxtaposed with typography and graphic imagery make these accessories a fun addition to any wardrobe.  Show off your style and “Re-Girl” yourself!

At the Glitter Workshop we combine our two favorite things, crafts & vintage~!  Grandma’s buttons may be given a new life as jewelry & accessories, or your favorite tattered storybook may show up as a set of coasters or a picture frame.  Take the old, add a touch of of sparkle, and make it new again, that’s what we are all about.

I truly enjoy salvaging vintage table cloths, retro clothing, and maybe your grandma’s old curtains for fun, new purposes. Motivated by my love of thrift stores, vintage fabric, and of course sewing, I create my own bags, purses, and other accessories from my spectacular finds. I believe we must not only look good, but also protect our suffering planet. My goal is to merge unique design with social & environmental consciousness. I work hard to provide stylish, functional, and durable products that people will love and enjoy.

Loki’s Jellybeans is a jewelry and soap line created by Jenn Edginton. Loki’s Jellybeans’ collection focuses on bright colors, vintage beads and unique pieces for a reasonable price. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings make up most of the collection.

We make shirts that make people smile.  You’re helping support independent artists that hand screen print each design onto ladies fitted and standard-fitted tees.  Replica Chicago Inc is an environmentally-conscious custom and original apparel screen printing shop, with a newly-opened location in Jefferson Park at 4425 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60630.

Hell Razor is jewelry and accessories: hair bows, flowers, and
headbands decorated with tiny handmade skulls.  We also combine new
and vintage jewelry parts into pieces inspired by Dia De Los Muertos,
heavy metal music, and vintage retro designs.

The Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) is dedicated to providing a community radio station focused on the representation of local people, events, and issues alongside a wide array of local and independent music. CHIRP Radio is a non-profit, volunteer-run, music-, arts-, and culture-focused radio station transmitting live from our studios in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood 6AM-3AM seven days a week, 365 days a year. Tune in at

Whimsical handmade goodies and painted creations made in Chicago.

Sarah Palazzolo is a licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist with a masters in oriental medicine.

Staci Sterenberg’s Rest in Pieces Mosaic Parlor. Mixed media mosaic wall art and jewelry made with things I smash, cut and rearrange into something new for you! I also add a dash of humor and occasionally a drop of blood to every piece. Hey, it’s glass after all!

Crocheted market totes and reusable veggie bags. Home decor crafted from recycled materials like woven blue jean coasters and crocheted t-shirt plant hangers.

Edgy Petal began as a recycled bottle cap jewelry business several years ago and has since expanded and evolved. Designer Lauren Gauger now uses brass and silver plated chain, semi-precious stones, as well as unique charms and pendants to create contemporary pieces with beauty and edge! Lauren mixes in vintage, recycled, and spiritual elements that make each piece tell a meaningful and unique story.

I have been a crafter/handmaker here in Chicago for over 30 years, and have been dwelling my crafts since 2004.  I love and appreciate all that is handmade.  Although I dabble in several art forms, my main focus now is jewelry and accessories.  Always with an upcycled or vintage edge to each piece.

Eek! Emily Eckner’s Küche
Creative Condiments
Layers of flavor to taste and savor—collect them all … bursting with fresh fruit & vegetables, local and organic when possible, from Green Tomato to Michigan Cherry. Our stop-you-in-your-tracks chutneys are palate changing and you-neek! You will find more than one that makes your taste buds dance the chutney cha-cha.

Sterling silver, brass, and powder coated geometric jewelry handmade in Chicago.
Textile goodies of felt & patchwork for fun & function…
SODA creates all types of home accessories, one of a kind houses and
charms in porcelain.  They are all built by Amy and feature illustrations
of critters, botanicals and even some childhood treasures.
Pretty porcelain earrings and necklaces.
The Inkling shop offers quirky and cute silkscreened greeting cards and art prints.
Grandma’s spice tins turned into whimsical little characters to adorn your shelves.  Each Canfolk doll is handmade, unique, and made locally.  Canfolk were recently featured in the nationally published Prims magazine (Winter 2012 and Spring/ Summer 2012 issues).
Becky Tesch makes fabulous jewelry and housewares (key hooks, jewerly hook organizers) out of recycled bicycle marts and other found objects.
Designs by Diane
Earthy floral bouquets and pockets, spring and summertime wreaths. Alongside jewelry, made with brass, silver, semi-precious stones, crystal, pearl, and vintage beads.

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