6/15  One more Constructor has come and gone.  We couldn’t have had better weather for the day…hope everyone had a blast, I know we did.  Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered and shopped!!!  Don’t forget to sign up for our emails if you want to know about next year’s show.
xoxo Julia and Norah
6/7  Nothing like folding 500 maps.
6/7  Constructor O’ The Day: Anna Todaro Her drawings are pretty amazeballs. Spock & Lincoln & bunnies, oh my!
6/6 Norah and I were radio starlets this morning with Ms. Alison Cuddy for her Weekender segment this morning.  Airs on Friday 6/8…check WBEZ for times and online listing!
6/6 Constructor O’ The Day: Everso Handsewn clothing out of vintage fabrics/tees. My kid rocks these designs, so glad they are back.
6/5  Constructor O’ The Day: Sheriff Peanut! Hey, why not?  Norah will be trying to blow out of her remaining inventory. Help her help you!
6/4  DUDES! we just packed up the swag bags for Saturday & I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try to be one of the first fifty people.
6/3  Constructor O’ The Day: Alisa Miller Metalsmith!  Intricate one of a kind jewelry; handmade from metal & beads.
6/2  Constructor O’ The Day: Subversive Seamtress. Vintage fabric purses so freaking adorable you will find excuses to buy several.
6/1  Constructor O’ The Day: Beck Tesch. Jewelry and housewares made out of recycled bike parts. Green and clean, baby.
5/31  Constructor O’ The Day: Palazzolo Massage. After a long day of shopping, top it off with a massage. You deserve it!
5/30  Constructor O’ The Day: Sur Le Feu! Cute clutches/handbags handmade in Berwyn! Check em out in 11 days!
5/29 Constructor O’ The Day: Peanut Envy! Jewelry and plush matroyshkas that are the cutest things we’ve ever seen!
5/28  Constructor O’ The Day:Wonder Wheel! Charming vintage token necklaces for the charming vintage you
5/27  Constructor write up in WHYBERWYN.COM
5/26 Constructor O’ The Day: Berwyn Betty Soap!  YOU STINK! Remedy that by buying some cute, great smelling soap! Lego fans!
5/25  Constructor O’ The Day: Shandy Sparks! Pretty freaking cute handmade monsters! Check them out on 6/9!
5/24 Constructor O’ The Day: Hell Razor! jewelry influenced by Heavy Metal, Dia De Los Muertos, & vintage design!
5/23 Constructor O’ The Day: SODA by Amy! Supercute pottery creations. Great gifts, unless you keep them for yourself like I do. I’m a terrible friend.
5/22 Constructor O’ The Day: Rosybird! MKE Represent! Textile goodies of felt & patchwork. Bacon and Egg wallet?!
5/21  Constructor O’ The Day: Canfolk! Old spice tins become figurines with amazing detail. Pretty much the best thing ever.
5/20  Constructor O’ The Day: Old Scratch Art. Block prints, wood burned portraits. The Antidote to Cute. Check it out 6/9
5/19  Constructor O’ The Day: Kiku! Long time Constructor Fave! Fused glass beauties- coasters, belt buckles, trays, etc. Stuff you buy as a gift & keep for yourself.
5/18  Constructor O’ The Day: Lindsay Streem! Crochet totes, reusable produce bags & more ways to make going green easier!
5/17  Constructor O’ the Day: Edgy Petal! Pretty & edgy jewelry using brass/silver, vintage charms, semi precious stones. Our lil’ bottle cap jeweler is all growed up!
5/16  Welcome back MAG BOOTH!!  Joining the sponsor list once again…yeeehaaaw
5/16  Constructor O’ The Day: Rest In Pieces Mosaics with a modern feel. Get a Day of the Dead skull or cute owl for your garden on 6/9.

5/15  Constructor O’ The Day: FORM*WORK Aprons, Stuffed Owls, Tees, Jewelry, is there anything she DOESN’T do? Well, she doesn’t suck, I can tell ya that much. Check it on 6/9!

5/14 Constructor O’ The Day:  REPLICA CHICAGO! One of our super stellar sponsors this year…and a vendor.  They make awesome shirts, AND will make custom tees (and whatever else!) for you! Check em out on 6/9!

5/13: Happy Mother’s Day!!

5/12  Constructor O’ The Day:  RARRAR Press- hilarious & heartfelt letterpress postcards suitable for framing. Let someone know “I love you, dummy” on 6/9!

5/11  Constructor O’ The Day: Eek! For the 1st time in CCF history, we’ve got a chutney booth.YUM! Sample em on 6/9!

5/10  Constructor O’ The Day: Steffbomb! Amazing plush creatures. Anything you can dream of. Banjo? AT-AT?Chainsaw? Wowwie wow!! Collect em all on 6/9!

5/10  We’ve overhauled the site!  Welcome to our new home…please be patient while we add content. (MARK)

5/09  Constructor O’ The Day: NERFECT! We adore Nerfect’s weirdo brain. You should be wearing his diabolical hot dog tee every day. Berwyn represent! Plaster your car with breakdancing hamburger stickers on June 9th!

5/08  Constructor O’ The Day: White Nest Dude, her pillows are to die for. So beautiful, I want to buy them all. Beat me to it at Constructor Craft fair on June 9th!

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